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Huaneng Hunan Yueyang Generation Co., Ltd (‘HNYY’) was transformed from Yueyang Sub-branch of Huaneng International Power Development Corporation ('HIPDC'), it locates in Cheng Ling Ji, Yueyang City, Hunan Province and covering the area of 358 hectares, 14 kilometers to the downtown of Yueyang. The north of HNYY is Yangtze River, south of HNYY is Beijing-Guangzhou Railway. Two coal-fired units (2 x 362.5 MW) for the Phase I of HNYY was imported from UK, it was constructed since Aug. 1988 and put into operation in Sep. and Dec. 1991 respectively.




Phase II of HNYY includes 2 x 300 MW domestic made coal-fired units, and equipped the facilities of Flue Gas Desulfurization, which has been operated in 2006. Phase III is 2 x 600 MW domestic made ultra-super critical coal-fired units, which has been operated in July 2011. The total installed capacity of HNYY reaches 2525 MW, which will contribute to the development of Hunan and the efficiency & stability of Hunan power grid.

XTI owns 45% shares in HNYY.