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Shangri-la County Minghe Hydropower Development Co., Ltd (‘LD Hydro’) locates in the Langdu River drainage area, the third level sub-branch of Jinsha Jiang River and in Shangri-la County, which is made up of 6 hydropower clusters. The total installed capacity is 105.7 MW, three of the power stations are in operation in 2009 and others will be operated in 2011. XTI has completed the acquisition for 90% equities of the project on Dec. 13th, 2008 and lead the developing, construction and operation of the project. The original shareholder, Yunnan Minghe Hydropower Investment Co., Ltd owns 10% equities.




LD Hydro is the first hydro project of XTI invests in Yunnan. Based on the LD project platform in Yunnan, XTI could search and get more hydro projects which can access more strategic investment portfolio in renewable energy and bring more guaranteed and predictable revenue.